Sunday, March 21, 2010

chinese new year and bump its

yesterday i went to the chinese new year parade in chinatown. it was an unplanned activity in my itinerary, so i only caught the tail end of it. the tail end consisted of every car club in town showing off their shiny rims, fancy paint jobs, and air suspension systems as they hopped down the street. lots of families watching from the curb and their windows. their were also quite a few doggies enjoying the sites as well.
after the parade, i checked out the booths. which brings us to the rest of the entertainment for my afternoon - we bought a set of bump its!!! and for $3!!! yes, that's right, a set of 5 bump its for only $3. and i must say that i have been quite a bump it master. i "installed" the hollywood bump it (for those of you unfamiliar with bump it lingo, that's the largest one ala snooki) in my own hair and a friends which also had to involve a photo shoot. even if the bump its never leave the house, they have provided us with enough laughs to make the $3 price tag well worth it.

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